2017 Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise

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Another Dream Cruise is over, now it’s time to start planing the 2018 Dream Cruise.  This year was a little different after years of enjoying the lot at 13 mi. this year and for the future the lot will no longer be available…

We sure will miss the car shows there.  Every year the Dream Cruise keeps getting larger & larger.  This makes lots of problems for visitors looking for a place to watch the cruise.  The official cruise maybe on Saturday, but as we know the week before Woodward is full of cruisers.

Who would have thought that when we were cruising back in the 60’s it would lead to this event.

Since this is a new site as of this posting 1-20018 the article that was in the old site is gone, so next year we go back to a bigger article.

I put up some of the many photos from the cruise.  Just click this link to see them.


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