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Who doesn’t love the nostalgia funny cars?  Well I for one love them.  It takes us back to what a lot of drag racing fans believe was the best time in drag racing history.  The hot rods looked like the real production cars, and best of all they had some cool names, unlike today when all you see are the sponsor’s name.  We can all remember the radio commercials telling us about the upcoming match races.  Remember the long burn outs, the hopping up to the tree, yep good times.

Today there are a lot of drag strips across the country that have nostalgia funny car events.  US 131 Motorsports park in Martin, MI has a funny car nationals at the end of the year, and Quaker City Drag Strip in Salem, Ohio has one in the spring.  Over the last few years I’ve taken lots of photos of them.  To see them just click the link below.  The photos are from a few different drag strips. here in Michigan & Ohio.


To see the photos CLICK THIS LINK  

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