2018 Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise

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The 2018 Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise is now in the books, and time to start getting ready for the 2019 cruise.

Every time I go to the Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise, I can’t help but be amazed.  I would have never in my wildest imagination would I have ever imaged what cruising on this street would have turned into.  My cruising started in the fall of 1963, and into 1970.  It was always a good time meeting up with your buddies at the Big Boys or one of the other drive inns, or going over to Suzie Q’s for some fish & chips.  And now all these years later we have the Dream Cruise witch started in 1995.   Now it’s a week long celebration of all things automotive, yes both classics & newer cars.

   On Saturday you are hard pressed to find a place to park & watch the main day of the event.


I always like talking to people that are there for the first time, and have no idea of the cruising history of Woodward Ave.

Below is a link to where I put up 600 photos.


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